Agriculture and Horticulture

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Elżbieta Suchowilska

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Prof. dr hab. inż., Full professor

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Department of Genetics, Plant Breeding and Bioresource Engineering


Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn


+48 89 523 47 43


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Agriculture and Horticulture

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366/ 399

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Scientific interests or research topics offered to candidates

The topics of my work are related to hulled wheat species: Triticum monococcum L., Triticum dicoccum Schrank and Triticum spelta L. The research is focused on three main directions regarding: the study of the chemical composition of grain determining its nutritional value, the evaluation of the response of hulled species of the genus Triticum to infection with pathogens of the genus Fusarium, the application of computer image analysis in breeding and resistance research. In addition, in recent years, thanks to cooperation with leading national and international institutions, I have been conducting multidisciplinary research on durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) and Tritordeum.

Funds or special equipment required for the doctoral project

1.     Is there funding available to cover the cost of research? Yes, (funds from UWM subsidies)

2.     Is the infrastructure and adequate resources available in the Laboratory/Chair to serve the planned research tasks? Yes

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