Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Program duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

Programme description:

The education program enables doctoral students to acquire specialist knowledge and learn about current techniques and detailed methodology in the field of mechanical engineering, which can be used in ongoing scientific works and research projects. It includes compulsory and optional classes, including of a practical nature, in the field of basic and applied sciences, as well as other forms of education enabling the effective acquisition of knowledge and skills. To consider the matters referred to in the study program: development of precision technologies in agriculture and processing, research and modeling of operation in terms of optimization of vehicle parameters and machines, energy aspects of production with a particular source of using energy sources and their use in agriculture and food, improvement of thermal processing of biological materials, waste management for energy purposes, mechatronic control systems and monitoring of technological processes, cogeneration technological processes, non-destructive and destructive methods of material testing, advanced problems of mechanics, construction and machine construction, shaping the microstructure and properties of construction materials, mathematical modeling of processes in the field of decision support. The wide and interdisciplinary issues included in the study program enable PhD students to develop their own ideas and concepts and direct them to creative problem solving and commercialization of the results obtained.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the doctoral studies will have advanced, specialized knowledge and skills in the discipline of mechanical engineering. Their qualifications will predispose them to work in the economy, including: specialist companies and laboratories related to the broadly understood agri-food production, design units, research and development institutions, as well as in companies producing mechatronic devices used in the agri-food industry. In addition, they will be prepared to continue their careers in research and teaching institutions in Poland and abroad, and to actively participate in the work of research teams and perform various roles in them.



  • Machine materials science
  • Machine design   
  • Machine construction
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Precision mechanics
  • Associated energy management
  • Analysis and optimization of decision-making processes