Duration of studies: 4 years (8 semesters)

Program description:
The programme of the doctoral school offers a thorough knowledge of humanities and social sciences, including detailed and specialised knowledge in the scope of history. The didactic offer provides for possible expansion and continuous improvement one’s academic skills by perfecting abilities such as: studying historical phenomena and processes from ancient to contemporary times, creative analysis of various types of historical sources with the use of appropriate methods as well as a creative interpretation of resources leading to proposing new hypotheses and an innovative view of the historical process. 

Upon completion of training at the Doctoral School, a graduate will have in-depth knowledge of the field of humanities, particularly of issues regarding history and the supporting sciences of history, related to the research problems of the doctoral project. A graduate can readily undertake independent and team-oriented scientific challenges and self-education as well as perform the highest quality of research and didactic work. Graduates display a high level of communication skills and expert knowledge and the ability to effectively popularise research results. Using to knowledge and skills for further development of an individual scientific career, graduates may find employment in institutions of higher education, research institutes, local government or other scientific and/or educational institutions. 


  • History
  • Historical periods (Ancient History, Middle Ages, Early Modern Period, Late Modern Period, Contemporary History)
  • Methodology of History
  • Seminar in the Humianities Sciences