Economics and Finance 

Economics and Finance 

Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Programme description: 

The PhD program concentrates on economic theory and its applications in economic and financial analyses. The program focuses on the regional and local development policy, modeling and analyses of economic processes and the behavior of economic agents, using microeconomics, macroeconomics and finance. The doctoral program aims to prepare highly qualified and trained experts for academia, international organizations, the financial sector as well as for the other industries.

The PhD program provides excellent research training in both economic or finance theory, as well as  applied economics and finance. The program further includes numerous opportunities for research seminars, teaching and research assistantships. Moreover, students have possibilities for a variety of research visits to the best universities in the world.

Career opportunities:

The graduates have the knowledge and skills in the fields of economy and finance. The graduates of the PhD programme will be qualified either to enter public institutions, an industry as unit leaders or to continue their research in academia as experts in their field. In particular, all graduates will be well prepared to work in academia as well as in research institutes in Poland and abroad. 

Key words:

  • institutional economics
  • behavioral economics
  • economics of the public sector
  • competitiveness of the economy
  • regional and local development policy
  • finance, banking and accounting