Agriculture and Horticulture

Agriculture and Horticulture

Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters)

Program description: Doctoral students will gain new knowledge, skills and social competence in the areas of agricultural engineering and agricultural and horticultural plant breeding; biological and technological determinants of agricultural and horticultural plant cultivation; genetic and biotechnological determinants of crop breeding for sustainable production, multidirectional and cascade uses of crops and bioresource engineering; advances in agricultural engineering and biodiversity management in different production systems; molecular diagnostics (PCR, real-time PCR) of fungal plant pathogens; entomological diagnostics of species in agrocenoses and storehouses; qualitative and quantitative analyses of agricultural products with high nutritional value; analysis of agronomic, economic and energy efficiency of biomass production and processing in annual and perennial crops; life cycle environmental, economic, social and energy analyses (LCA, LCC, sLCA) for the production and multidirectional uses of bioresources; determinants of sustainable development of rural areas, sustainable resource management and climate change impacts in north-eastern Poland; bioeconomy, renewable energy sources and agro-energy.

Doctoral students will use innovative, state-of-the-art techniques, methods and research methodologies to apply the newly-acquired to practice while working on PhD projects.

Career opportunities: The graduates of doctoral programs have advanced knowledge, skills and social competence in the discipline of Agriculture and Horticulture. Therefore, they are prepared for implementing innovative ideas and creative problem solving. They can find employment, as leaders and managers, in the agricultural and horticultural sector. The graduates can also pursue their professional career in academia and research institutions in Poland and abroad.

Key words:

  • Agroecosystems

  • Agrotechnology

  • Bioenergy

  • Bioeconomy

  • Bioresources

  • Biotechnology

  • Production Efficiency

  • Plant Breeding

  • Quality of Raw Materials

  • Climate

  • Plant Protection

  • Horticulture

  • Yield

  • Crop Rotation

  • Agriculture

  • Horticultural Crops

  • Agricultural Crops

  • Water

  • Production Managem