Civil Engineering, Geodesy
and Transport

Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Transport

Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Programme description:

This programme enables access to the latest technologies, methodologies, implementations and engagement with leading edge cross-disciplinary research using the state of the art civil engineering, geodetic and transportation technologies.

PhD research programmes in Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Transport offer the opportunity to carry out research in a broad range of fields including geospatial engineering and monitoring; photogrammetry and remote sensing; the technology and applications of satellite system; physical and space geodesy; building and construction engineering; and geotechnics. 

Courses are focused on chosen specialized subjects (mathematical and empirical methods in engineering and geodesy, optimization and numerical methods, state of the art technologies). They also contain optional aspects developing creative problem solving skills, necessary in scientific, didactic and business activities.

Career opportunities:

The graduates of the PhD programme are prepared for scientific and didactic work, but also for business activities. They have the knowledge and skills in the fields of  innovative and novel techniques, methodologies. The graduates can be employed at the universities, research and development centres, industrial laboratories, design offices and construction and surveying companies. They will be able to implement the acquired knowledge to their research work and will be well prepared to take postdoc trainings and to work in academia as well as in industry in Poland and abroad.

Key words:

  • positioning and autonomous systems
  • location based services
  • photogrammetry and laser scanning
  • remote sensing
  • engineering monitoring
  • geospatial engineering
  • spatial data infrastructure
  • physical and space geodesy
  • advanced soil mechanics
  • artificial intelligence computing techniques in engineering
  • optimization of construction investment processes
  • innovative building materials
  • numerical methods and constitutive modeling
  • modern measurement methods in engineering