Programme duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Programme description:
The training programme makes it possible to obtain a doctoral degree in the field of arts in the artistic discipline of musical arts in the field of conducting.

The programme is aimed at the artistic and scientific development of the doctoral student, orienting and complementing his/her knowledge, skills and competences in the chosen specialisation with research and teaching skills necessary for academic work and creativity in building one’s own artistic image, which in the future can be used both in academic work and individual artistic activity, and enabling the preparation of a doctoral thesis in the artistic discipline of musical arts under expert scientific supervision.
The programme provides doctoral students with the knowledge, skills and competence to develop their own artistic ideas and concepts, to prepare new research projects, and to solve problems creatively.

Professional opportunities:
Graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills in the discipline of musical arts in the specialisation of conducting and academic teaching.
Graduates of the doctoral programme will be well prepared to carry out professional artistic activities in cultural institutions, art education and to continue research and work in universities, national and foreign research units.


  • music
  • musical arts
  • conducting
  • analysis and interpretation of music 
  • artwork