Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Programme description

The curriculum of the Doctorate School is designed to provide students with exhaustive knowledge on humanities and social sciences, as well as detailed linguistic knowledge. Our courses allow our students to expand their academic capabilities, including their skills in researching linguistic phenomena and processes from both the diachronic and the synchronic perspective, the analysis, interpretation, and creation of various types of texts (including scientific publications) and conducting linguistic research using the appropriate methods and techniques. Furthermore, the School teaches expert communication skills, including the ability to popularise the effects of one’s research.

Career opportunities:

Alumni of the Doctoral School are also:

  • Deeply familiar with humanities, particularly linguistic matters related to the subject of their doctoral projects;
  • Fully prepared to take on independent and team-based scientific challenges and to conduct top-quality research and teaching;
  • Able to use the knowledge and competences they have acquired for self-development and to progress their academic careers;
  • Able to find employment at universities, research institutes and other scientific and educational facilities.


  • linguistics
  • historical linguistics
  • contemporary linguistics
  • humanities methodology
  • humanities seminar