Educational sciences

Educational sciences

Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Programme description: 

The Program of Education at the Doctoral School carried out in the discipline of pedagogy enables to acquire specialist knowledge and skills necessary to conduct research topped with the submission of a doctoral dissertation in the field of pedagogy and preparation to take the role of an academic teacher. It is a modern, personalised proposal for the development of an academic career path.

The content of the program is targeted to acquire in-depth knowledge of the world achievements of the discipline of pedagogy and a range of cognitive skills related to the critical analysis of research results, innovative solving of complex educational problems, expert and research activities. The studies also allow to build a specialised methodological workshop that allows designing and conducting individual and team research projects, also in the international environment. The program also includes content aimed at competences enabling preparation for academic work with students and designing paths of one’s own scientific career.

Career opportunities:

The Education Program offered at the Doctoral School in the discipline of pedagogy enables the graduate to build a research workshop based on interdisciplinary theoretical background, allowing further independent scientific and research work. The graduate has an in-depth knowledge of the world achievements of pedagogy and its methodological foundations; mastered the research workshop to the extent enabling the creative use of research methods, techniques and tools; knowledge of a modern foreign language enables him to participate in an international scientific environment. The graduate’s completion of advanced studies and research makes him a high-class specialist area of his research interests.

The acquired substantive knowledge and research competencies as well as the established scientific contacts and cooperation with researchers domestically and abroad during the educational program give the graduate a strong position also on the non-academic labour market.

Key words:

  • general pedagogy
  • social pedagogy
  • care pedagogy
  • early childhood education
  • information and communication technologies in education
  • pedagogy of higher education
  • andragogy
  • geragogy
  • special pedagogy
  • resocialization pedagogy
  • health education
  • intercultural education