Socio-economic geography
and spatial management

Socio-economic geography and spatial management

Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters)

Program description:

The study programme aims to teach doctoral students contemporary research methods, techniques and methodology for implementing acquired knowledge and skills for PhD dissertations, preparation of research projects and commercialization of research results. The program includes obligatory courses highlighting basic and applied sciences and lectures in various fields by visiting professors.

The most important topics covered by the program include advanced research methods in socio-economic geography and spatial economics, contemporary paradigms of the relationship between humans, economics and the environment, preparation of scientific projects and commercialization of research results, advanced quantitative and qualitative methods in scientific research,  teaching at a university, seminars and professional practice.

The program provides PhD students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to develop their ideas and concepts, preparation of research projects, as well as to solve problems creatively.

Career opportunities:

The graduates have the knowledge and skills in the field of socio-economic geography and spatial management, and academic teaching.

The PhD programme graduates will be well prepared to take postdoc trainings, continue research and work in academia, domestic and foreign research institutions, and work in institutions and entities in the economic environment and in state or local government administration.


  • geography
  • socio-economic geography
  • land management
  • spatial planning
  • real estate management
  • real estate market
  • geographic information system
  • spatial data analytics
  • environment management
  • tourism