Individual research plan

The Individual Research Plan (IRP; in Polish: Indywidualny plan badawczy, IPB) is a description of the research and development activities carried out and planned, which aim is to prepare a doctoral dissertation. A PhD student shall present his or her research plan to the head of the Doctoral School, approved by the PhD supervisor (supervisors / supervisor and helping PhD supervisor) no later than 12 months from the date of start of education, in the Polish or English version.

IRP contains descriptive information about the planned doctoral dissertation, the schedule of works on the doctoral dissertation (including the planned date of its submission), as well as planned publications, conference presentations, queries, internships and other activities important for the planned dissertation, as well as the budget. The plan also contains the opinion of the supervisor (supervisors, auxiliary supervisor).

IRP is subject to evaluation by the The Scientific Council of the Doctoral School. The The Scientific Council of the Doctoral School may propose or require changes to be introduced in the plan before to its sign by the head of the Doctoral School.