Tasks carried out as part of the project

The project of the Doctoral School of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn entitled. “Internationalisation of Research and Transdisciplinary Education at the Doctoral School of UWM in Olsztyn” has received funding under the STER programme – Internationalisation of Doctoral Schools. It will be implemented from January 2024 to December 2026 and provides for the following activities:

  • Half-year scholarships for the best foreign doctoral students.
  • Recruitment of doctoral students from abroad through promotional and training activities.
  • Invitation of foreign supervisors to carry out innovative doctoral projects and activities concerning supervision, training and evaluation of the scientific development of doctoral students.
  • Internships abroad at renowned scientific institutions.
  • Summer schools and workshops for doctoral students and academic staff with foreign trainers.
  • Development of a transdisciplinary subject by foreign researchers covering artificial intelligence and autonomous systems and software in science.
  • Specialised workshops for academic staff at SD UWM on work planning, knowledge management in the framework of innovation criteria and improvement of collaboration skills in the teacher-doctorate relationship.
  • Guest lectures within 3 thematic modules.
  • Study visits within the framework of developing international cooperation of doctoral schools.

Anticipated outcomes of the project:

  • Strengthening of the Doctoral School’s capacity to supervise, train and evaluate the scientific development of doctoral students.
  • Strengthening international professional perspectives, employability and skills development of doctoral students.
  • Strengthening the scientific potential of doctoral students through the implementation of innovative doctoral projects at international level.
  • Strengthening the stature of the UWM Doctoral School and integration in the international environment.
  • Specialisation of the UWM Doctoral School in transdisciplinary doctoral programmes with foreign partners.
  • Long-term building of the basis for the development of joint doctoral programmes and joint degrees.

The project provides quality education to doctoral students at the UWM Doctoral School in Olsztyn, regardless of gender, race and background.

Through international cooperation, the project offers doctoral students the transfer of knowledge and experience of eminent foreign scientists from various scientific fields in the form of a summer school and guest lectures on safe and sustainable use of the environment. In addition, scholarship support will be provided to the best doctoral students from abroad studying at our Doctoral School.