Social communication and Media studies

Social communication and Media studies

Duration of study: 4 years (8 semesters)

Programme description:

The programme of the Doctoral School ensures the imparting of a thorough knowledge of the social sciences and humanities, as well as detailed specialised knowledge of sciences of social communication and media. The didactic offer enables the development of the scientific workshop, including the deepening of the skills of: researching phenomena and processes related to various media, their analysing and interpreting and producing various types of texts (including scientific publications), conducting media studies using adequate methods and techniques.

Graduate profile:

After completion of training in the Doctoral School, the graduate has an in-depth knowledge of the social sciences, in particular media studies and other issues related to the problems of the doctoral project being pursued. He/she is ready to undertake independent and collaborative scientific challenges and self-education. He/she is prepared for research and teaching work. After obtaining the doctoral degree, he/she has the knowledge and competences necessary for the development of a scientific career. He/she may find employment in universities, research institutes and other scientific institutions, as well as in the wider media sector.


  • social communication
  • media studies
  • methodology of social sciences
  • methodology of the humanities
  • social science seminar