Supervisor Candidate Form


Full name

Karol Kisiel

Academic degree, title

dr hab., associate professor

ORCID number


Music Institute


Faculty of Arts

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn


+48 89 524 63 90


Personal website

Academic discipline

Musical arts

Academic achievement indicators

Number of achievements including outstanding achievements

1) authorship of a musical work or choreography for a large cast (over 15 performers) made public by performance, publication, recording or broadcast;

2) first performance of a musical work (conductor, soloist, chamber musician, choreographer);

7 / 1

3)  public release of the recording (composer, conductor, soloist, chamber musician, choreographer); CDs/DVDs


4) leading role in a musical performance

5) performance as a conductor, soloist (excluding orchestral and choral parts) or chamber musician;

105 / 1

6) music recital

7) preparation by the choirmaster for a vocal-instrumental concert or a musical performance;


8) participation in the jury of a music or phonographic competition or festival with at least a nationwide range, organized outside the evaluated entity by a reputable cultural institution;

9) director or artistic manager of a music or phonographic festival or competition, or cyclical concerts;


10) Number of publications in the scope of musical arts


11) Number of promoted doctors


12) Number of supervised doctoral students


I will take on the supervision of


a Polish doctoral student



a foreign doctoral student


Scientific interests or research topics offered to candidates

1.     Contemporary music and first performances of new compositions

2.     Choral music of different eras (including early music), stylistic aspects

3.     Conducting technique, unification of choral and orchestral conducting technique

4.     Vocal-instrumental music (including oratorio and cantata music as well as chamber music using single instruments)

Funds or special equipment required for the doctoral project

1.     Is there funding available to cover the cost of research? YES

2.     Is the infrastructure and adequate resources available in the Laboratory/Chair to serve the planned research tasks? YES

Candidates for PhD Supervisors