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Cezary Senderowski

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Dr hab. inż.

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Department of Materials and Machines Technology


Faculty of Technical Sciences





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Mechanical engineering

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a Polish doctoral student

The candidate should be a graduate of a technical university, preferably with majors in mechanics and machine construction, materials engineering or physics


a foreign doctoral student

Scientific interests or research topics offered to candidates

Proposed research topic:

Influence of gas detonation spraying (GDS) parameters on the properties of intermetallic protective coatings

Scientific interests of the supervisor:

– technologies of supersonic spraying of protective coatings by GDS and HVOF methods,

– thermo-gas-kinetic state of supersonic metallization stream under gas detonation conditions,

– experimental theory of optimization of GDS and HVOF process parameters

– structure formation with in-situ formed oxide phases in GDS and HVOF processes (SEM/EDS/EBSD investigations)

– XRD phase and texture analysis of different intermetallic protective coatings,

– properties and applications of Fe-Al, Ni-Al and Ti-Al intermetallic alloys,

– analysis of stress distribution in the structure of thermal sprayed protective coatings;

– analysis of a geometric structure of the surface,

– metallography and computer image analysis,

– analysis of mechanical properties of protective coatings (microhardness, Young’s modulus at temperature up to 1000 °C, adhesion strength in three-point bending and TAT tests),

– phase transformations in DSC investigations,

– tribological wear.

Funds or special equipment required for the doctoral project

1.     Is there funding available to cover the cost of research? Yes

2.     Is the infrastructure and adequate resources available in the Laboratory/Chair to serve the planned research tasks?  Yes

The Faculty of Technical Sciences is equipped to perform a microscopic study with quantitative image analysis, analysis of the geometric structure of the surface (SGP), microhardness, change of Young’s modulus up to 1000 oC, adhesive strength tests, phase transitions in thermophysical tests DSC, thermogravimetric analysis TGA and wear tests.

The WNT equipment includes:

– contact profilograph,

– atomic force microscope (AFM/MFM),

– metallographic microscopes,

– tribotesters,

– testing machine,

– metallographic laboratory.

The equipment needed for the PhD thesis research is a scanning electron microscope (SEM/EDS/EBSD) and an X-ray diffractometer (XRD), which are planned to be purchased in 2023. Alternatively, the research can be carried out in a scientific unit outside UWM.