Supervisor Candidate Form

Scientific Disciplines


Full name

Agnieszka Żyta

Academic degree, title

PhD (dr hab.)

ORCID number


Chair of Special Education and Resocialization


Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn


+ 48 89 524 62 82


Personal website

ResearchGate account

Academic discipline

Education (special education, disability studies)

Academic achievement indicators

1. Number of publications according to the WoS/Scopus database

Scopus – 6

WOS – 5

2. Number of citations (WoS/Scopus) without self-citations

Scopus:  13

3. Hirsch index (WoS/Scopus)

h-index- 2 (Scopus)

4. Number of citations (Google Scholar)


5. Hirsch index (Google Scholar)

h-index – 10

6. Number of promoted doctors

7. Number of supervised doctoral students


8. I will take on the supervision of


a Polish doctoral student



a foreign doctoral student


Scientific interests or research topics offered to candidates

1.                   Psychosocial situation of family members of people with disabilities

2.                    Adult problems of people with intellectual disabilities (relationships, marriages, work, independent livening)

3.                    Self-determination of people with intellectual disabilities

4.                    Contemporary problems of special pedagogy and inclusive education

Funds or special equipment required for the doctoral project

1.     Is there funding available to cover the cost of research?           No

2.     Is the infrastructure and adequate resources available in the Laboratory/Chair to serve the planned research tasks?                                 Yes