PhD in Doctoral School at UWM in Olsztyn? Of course!

Prof. dr hab. Paweł Brzuzan Head of Doctoral School

If you feel that you are ready for a PhD, I think that the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn is a really good place!

Do you have a master’s degree or already outstanding scientific achievements, and want to pursue your research interest even further? Do you like varied work with the chance of doing research, and teaching?

PhD education gives you the possibility of working in academia and doing in-depth research in the intriguing field of your interest. What is more, you will be payed during the four years of your doctoral education.

Education at the UWM doctoral school in Olsztyn enables doctoral students to acquire skills that they will need both during research and further scientific career after defending their doctoral dissertation.

How is the workday?

As a PhD candidate, you will work in an environment of committed research colleagues. You will be able to decide on your work schedule, as long as you are not engaged in PhD courses, teaching, conferences or deadlines in the project. You will be able to travel abroad for research stays, join national and international conferences where you meet passionate researchers within your own field.

Motivated? Skills to make you prosper

In order to succeed as a PhD candidate, you need to be structured and take initiatives. You need to see the value of teamwork. Those are definitely your mega assets.

Your rights as an employee

As a PhD research fellow, you receive a salary. If you become a parent or experience personal difficulties in your life, you have the right to take leave from your research. You also have the right to rest breaks.

In the first year we have recruited 28 people to our Doctoral School. They are representatives of six fields and eleven scientific disciplines! We have PhD students representing a broad disciplinary range, including humanities, legal sciences, technical and medical sciences. Yes, our school is really multidisciplinary.

And now we are waiting for you!